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Empathy & Compassion — Helping Others Without Being Judgmental

Dreamcatcher Reality

Written by Dylan Harper


Judging others puts you in a position of superiority that no human being can boast to have achieved. If you exercise empathy in all life situations you meet, you not only allow yourself to judge others, but deny them the much needed support to get out of their circumstances.

The first step to helping another is to refuse to empathize with them

It is noble to want to place yourself in the shoes of another person, feel their pain and experience life from their point of view. This is what is calledempathy — a much needed trait in humanity that has the power to transform the world.

The irony of this trait is that it puts you in a position of judgment. It is involuntary judgment because the heart does not want to view the negative in the character of a person, but the negative in their circumstances.

A good person cannot be without empathy and this is how the world expects all of us to be. If you do not seem to understand what another human being is going through, you are viewed as cold and ruthless.

While empathy is meant to understand all human circumstances in the same way, we find ourselves showing the most empathy to our close friends and relatives.

If you allow yourself to feel empathy for everyone you come into contact with, you set yourself up for a bumpy ride of emotions that accompany every situation.

Empathy becomes more pronounced if you see someone going through a situation that you have found yourself in the past. It may be a situation that has still not been resolved completely and this has the power to bring back a flood of emotions.

If a situation you have been happens to another person, you think that you are better equipped to empathize with them because you have risen past the vibrations of that negative energy.

Judgement in Empathy

Judgment in empathy stems from the fact that you had made judgment of a situation when it happened to you and when it occurs again even if it is in another person, the same judgment will be transferred to them.

The business of judging others is not for human beings and it should be avoided at all costs. Trying to empathize with others not only lowers your emotional strength but also makes you lose your connection to divinity, which could actually be helpful in helping the other person to heal.

The human soul equates empathy to compassion which, in reality, is deciding what another person is feeling and then trying to condition your heart and mind into their same exact state.

The universe has a way of channeling positive energies where there is positive thinking. If both the victim and the empathizer were to fall into a state of lower energies and suffer as a result, then there will be no one to help the other to come out of this state.

Just do it!

Being too compassionate will invariably make you think too much about the problems of those that you want to help, which, in turn, will make you analyze the circumstances that led them to where they are. And, sooner or later, you will find yourself judging them of making the wrong decisions.

Not only that you don’t have the complete picture, but it’s not your business to judge them in the first place.

The only way out of this cycle is to deliberately refuse to be over compassionate, empathetic and judgmental. Don’t think about helping someone too much, just do it.

Dylan is a 31-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.



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3 Steps To Dissolving The Mask of Anger via The Practical Spiritualist

3 Steps To Dissolving The Mask of Anger
The Practical Spiritualist

3 steps for dissolving the mask of anger

Anger is an emotion that causes us to lose our center and feel out of place. It is a reaction to a situation or experience that can lead us to spin; ie, incessant thoughts of a drama that we are resisting. Anger is resistance and it has a tendency to take away our presence and our point of center becomes harder to hold. Anger, like all negative emotions, is rooted in fear at its core.

We fear that because this situation doesn’t appear to be working out the way we had planned that there’s something happening that will affect our lives for the worse. This is merely a thought that can be defeated and dissolved using some simple steps for grounding our being in the 5 frequencies of;

  1. Love and Compassion
  2. Acceptance and Surrender
  3. Trust

When we feel negative emotions it is because there is something about a particular situation that is not in alignment with your expectations and ideas of how an experience should be. It can be confounding because when we react with anger we begin a downward spiral of suppressing an experience.

Reacting with anger ultimately leads to a lowering of our vibration and more of the same.

This reaction can be avoided by observing an experience objectively and understand why we are feeling anger, which is nothing more than a mask for pain.

We can easily “take the sting out” of this emotion using some simple steps for dissolving the mask of anger.

  • Step #1 – Have love and compassion for those who’s actions might otherwise make us angry.
    • We can love everyone like we love our family, so let’s not allow their unconscious ways to take away from their potential for being loved by US. They know not what they do.
    • Understand that the large majority of human beings are living difficult lives and that none of us really “have it easy”. We are all doing our best to find the highest outcomes in our life under difficult circumstances. We all want to be liked and accepted and some just don’t understand how their actions might adversely effect others.
    • Most beings we encounter are not as conscious as we are. They don’t have the same tools we do and the way someone chooses to deal with certain experiences may not make sense to us but it’s safe to say they’re probably doing their best to avoid a negative emotion for themselves. Unfortunately, that can often mean they avoid this perceived negativity by passing it on to another.

For example, when someone says something not nice to us it can have a tendency to make us want to say or do something that sizes that person down and puts them in their place.

The reason we do that is to recuperate our own self-image that they are attacking. But instead of seeing anger or resentment in a person who projects negative energy upon us, we can observe their actions as an extension of their own inner battle. That person is in pain and they aren’t conscious enough to realize that what they’re really doing is attempting to dissolve their pain by using another as a punching-bag, knocking them down to regain their feeling of “being better” then you.

Having compassion for the projections of another is an effective way to see the deeper picture. We must understand that others are doing their best from a difficult situation and the projections of negativity are truly a cry for help. They don’t say much about us so there’s no reason to feel offended. The other person is just showing us they are having difficulty with something they don’t understand.

By responding with compassion rather than reacting with anger, we anchor a higher frequency into our own being while simultaneously shining our light as an example for the person who is in pain. In this way, responding with compassion has the potential to transform both of our lives for the better and it will inevitably do so the more we practice this compassionate response.

Step # 2  – Accepting that the emotion of anger is an opportunity to grow and surrendering to the flow.

  • When strong negative emotions come to the surface we are being shown something about ourselves that we do not accept. We find ourselves resisting a situation because it is not working out the way we intended it to and it feels as though the flow we envisioned will be halted.
  • We had set expectations for an outcome and when someone has acted outside the limits of what we feel is right action, it causes us to put a wall up and reject the experience. But by stepping back and not taking it personally, we can continue to move through this situation and stay in the flow with a conscious response.
  • If you’re reading this it’s because you are someone who has made the choice to find alignment, peace, joy, clarity and balance in your life. In order to do this we must first move through these emotions and break the cycles of pain that have caused us to realize there must be a better way.
  • The way to personal growth is full of experiences that can be unsettling. But every time we experience one of these emotions it is because we have reached a point where we are given the opportunity to break the cycle and respond with love instead of reacting with anger.

When we begin to accept all of our experiences as “valid”, without offering resistance, looking for the opportunity to shed what isn’t in alignment within us, suddenly every encounter we have becomes positive.


Because when we accept that even the difficult, or not so good experiences arise, we see them as opportunities for growth and transformation. We are being given the chance to break a cycle of fear and anger, a chance to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness, by choosing to be more compassionate and loving even when it’s difficult.

Suddenly every encounter becomes positive because we’re learning and growing from the difficult moments and enjoying the great moments with an ever-increasing appreciation. After moving through the dense experiences I’ve had, I don’t find anything to be so difficult or challenging that I’m not willing to grow from it.

We can seize every challenging moment as an opportunity to become even more powerful than we were before. Focusing on this process brings each of us an exponentially rapid rate of accelerated expansion.

Step # 3 – Trusting that our experiences happen for a reason and that focusing on the process is crucial.

  • Having trust in ourselves and our experiences, that all is exactly as it should be, a short-cut to finding more peace, joy, love and excitement through our personal transformation and growth.
  • When we understand that we can handle anything that comes our way, we find difficult situations as simply a challenge that we will overcome that brings us to a new level of conscious awakening.
  • We must trust that our vulnerability, our compassion in response to anger and a show of force, is the true show of strength and enlightenment.
  • Instead of responding to aggression or anger with more of the same to protect our image, we must trust that responding with love is the highest potential because it will break the cycle and ground a higher frequency into our being.

For many of us, we had always been programmed to respond to anger with more of the same, respond to force and aggression with a great display of force and aggression, all with the intention to “come out on top” when all is said and done.

But it takes a great deal of strength, presence and trust in our self and the process, to respond in a way that is vulnerable and not seeking to attack another or protect our own image. By trusting that our “image” and our being is best served by waving the white-flag of surrender, we will inevitably realize that responding in love and compassion makes everyone involved stronger, happier and less likely to continue acting from within these cycles of resistance and separation.

The first time we break any cycle of reactionary anger is the hardest. But every time we break the cycle we take some more of the density away from this programmed response. As we continue to choose the highest potential response in these testy moments, all subsequent experiences will begin to become less and less dense and easier to transform.

As we continue to hold these higher frequencies of response, we find it becomes easy, smooth and before we know it we have completely transformed our ability to cope and respond to difficult situations.

It is on us to transform this planet and we can start by using these 3 steps for dissolving the mask of anger. These are just some of the concepts that we will discuss in my course “Awakening 101” so make sure to sign up if you’d like to continue learning how we can transform ourselves and the planet into a higher vibrational state.

I’m grateful to be here and assisting YOU in any way I can!

Your brother in truth, light and love,


Andrew R ProfaciAndrew R. Profaci is a 31 year old spiritualist, jiu-jitsu practitioner and animal lover from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who writes articles that carry a self-empowering message based on the experiences of his life’s journey. He is the owner of 5DNews and a life-coach for many who are seeking greater clarity and alignment in their life. Andrew brings a realistic and grounded approach to spirituality that empowers others to take back control of their experience.




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YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships

YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships
YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships
We’ve all heard about Yin-Yang and how this inner balance of masculine and feminine energies is important; but do we really understand why? Why is the balancing of these inner energies so important? What are some of the consequences if they are out of balance? How does our personal experiences of Masculinity and Femininity influence our life and our relationships? While actively engaging in our inner self-healing these and other questions often crystallize as core aspects in our self-healing journey.
Without going deeper into the metaphysical or mystical meaning of these pure forms of Divine energy and how they came to be separated as two different genders, try to understand your energy field as the result of a fusion of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Spirit – much like of motherand father energies, only on a deeper level of energy. To explore your inner relationship with the Divine Masculine and Feminine and their state of balance within you, you typically need to look at how we originally perceived these Divine energies through your parents/caretakers representing those energies for you in your early stages.
Many energetic blocks and hidden aspects lead back to a lack or imbalance of our source of energy. While most of us assume that our primary source lies in masculinity for males and femininity for females, energy work teaches us that primary source is not so much in the singularity of our gender but the unity and balance of both: the Divine Masculine and Feminine within.
From an energetic point of view, stored negative energies around our parents and upbringing not only influence our view and inner programming in regards to gender-specific behaviors and understanding of female and male role modeling, but also our personal ability to identify and connect with Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Internal masculine/feminine imbalances are therefore very often linked to our parental influences. They determine our personal attitude towards our own and the other gender and with our capacity for self-love and unconditionally loving others.
YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships

Many of transCODES’ energy work modalities, such as GRACE Integrity® (by P.St.Clair) and Connecting with the Divine Masculine & Feminine are specifically designed to decouple any masculine and feminine programs energetically linked to our parents, so that we can experience love from within ourselves without the limitations of our experienced parental love. In those energy processes we connect with our inner father and mother energiesand allow their meaning beyond their parental role for us to unfold. This can create very beautiful and connecting moments if we have/had a loving relationship with our mother and father; but also trigger some resistance or resurfacing of old wounds if we had absent, neglecting or abusive parents.While the love of /for our parents can sometimes pave the pathway to our inner Divine Love, it cannot be the source for our self-love, as it still is an external energy! This is particularly true for those us (which is the majority) who had/have a difficult relationship with both or one of our parents, as it often leads to skewed views and selective self-perception, for example self-worth and intimacy issues.

YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships

To show the often unconscious interconnection between our parental energies and the development of our inner masculine/feminine balance I am going to describe two of the most prevalent patterns leading to imbalanced feminine/masculine energies:

Absent Fathers: If we grew up with a physically or emotionally absent father the missing masculine energies in our early life made it difficult to develop a trusting, loving and secure inner connection with our own masculinity if we are male; with men, if we are female (vice versa in case of an absent mother). In addition to this, we typically also had to emotionally process our mother’s negative opinion about his absence, which very often cemented this gap even further and affected the how we could allow our own identification naturally to happen.
As a result of this energetically single-sided upbringing, we tend to fantasize or mystify the absent energy often leading to an idealized and later unobtainable version of a man or woman. This cannot only block our inner self-love but also influence our romantic relationships in a negative way. With an unreal expectation of ourselves and/or the other gender our relationship experiences often retraumatize us and increase our missing inner balance. Self-worth, trust and intimacy issues are very common phenomena tied to imbalance masculine-feminine connection.
Controlling Mothers: Another example is the overbearing, hyper-critical or controlling mother. If we experienced femininity as a controlling, never satisfied or even manipulating, our choices to embrace inner femininity become pretty limited (vice versa in case of controlling father). If we are female, we often either rebel against feminine energy by favoring our masculine energies and by rejecting femininity altogether; or we unconsciously connect love with control and repeat our mother’s patterns. If we are male, the two typical ways to react to this experience are: Trying to comply out of fear of wrath and developing pleasing and co-dependency patterns (never feeling good enough); or acting out counter-control mechanisms, repressed anger, mistrust and resentment towards femininity through predatory and often sexual manipulation or degradation (here I would like to mention that excessive watching of pornography can be a coveted form of sexual degradation.)

YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships
There are many other examples of our masculine and feminine energies can get trapped in our disturbed experience of love through same or opposite gender identification problems. The main thing to realize is that these aspects and their energetic attachments are merely dispositions. If we can manage to energetically decouple them from our parents they can easily be reintegrated. One way to do this is to actively seek the inner connection to masculine and feminine energies through connecting with their original Divine source instead keeping them tied to actual persons. In this manner we can circumvent our personal memories and parental programming by healing this inner relationship through the Divine Field within.
YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance affects our Life and Relationships

In other words, we all can build our own balanced connection with Masculinity and Femininity free of parental programs. This is a very important step not only in self-healing but also spirituality in general, as our a masculine/feminine imbalance typically shows on almost all other energetic levels:
– Chakra-Energy Flow

– Emotional and Mental processing

– Expression and Communication of Self

– Manifestation of Self

– True Self Connection

– Shadow

– Inner Child

– Karma

– Ability to Trust

– Ability to Connect/True Intimacy

– Ability to Love and Self-Love.
Love and Self-Love are the main vibratory resonances for unlocking true inner and outer connection and soul-integrity. Without them we are just minds or bodies with a fragmented soul-attachment, unaware of who we truly are and what we came here for.
Click here to read more about energy healing & clearing and here for more info on the Basics Of Energy Work

Thank you for your time!
Much Love,
jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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The Sphinx Speaks via Cherina Tully ~ February 19, 2016

The Sphinx Speaks via Cherina Tully ~ February 19, 2016

Photo credit: travail101 via / CC BY-NC-ND

Why is everyone trying to stop being human? You are having a human experience. Have you all had enough?

We have shared each and every conversation we have had that YOU ARE SOURCE. You are source experiencing itself. Unconditional LOVE is what you already are, and within this human experience you are remembering more of who you are, than you have had the conscious capacity too, previously.

The aim is not to exit the human experience, unless you choose it. The aim is to open up, expand consciously, integrate and embody it in human form. Therein you have the opportunity to recreate your planet, coming from a greater expansion of love for yourselves, inner trust and life experience. This is evolution. You are creating a new way, which is an old way. You see the paradox, you are restoring the natural order on earth by aligning yourselves to the natural order within

         When you align your inside world, your outside world naturally matches it

All the Ancestors celebrate, we are you and you are us. The consciousness of those who have passed on through the Earth experience, lives on still in many forms. Consciousness is being experienced through the human body. When you leave the body, the consciousness remains. So it is for all life. The consciousness stream doesn’t cease to exist, it ascends into other life form experiences.  You and your ancestors are not separate. Their memory lives on in you. What is perceived as a past life, is you accessing a collective memory, which exists in the Akash.

           Half the time you think you’re thinking, you’re actually listening

You are listening to the collective thoughts. Then you think they are your thoughts. If you resonate with its frequency then it will feel like its yours, it will become very real here on the earthly realm. This is one explanation for the past life phenomena. The reason no one has a consistent whole memory of another time is because you are accessing them through the collective akash records, which in that moment feels as if you are the ones personally experiencing it. It is collective memory being accessed, not individual lifestream.

The idea of past lives is based on a separation, but in truth you are living eternally, you have never died, your human form has. Many of you dropped one body and immediately took another. Death & Birth are one and the same, even though they appear separate ‘processes’. You all have a continuous stream of life which contains all the perceived past, present and future timelines.

The greatest illusion has been that you are separate from Source, each other.. That is impossible, if you were truly separate you would cease to exist. The whole is always connected, it is only the perception of that which tells you otherwise. 

It has taken quite a while for our channel to be able to accept this for us to bring this through. She can be stubborn and when a new idea is presented to her, she takes it apart, tests the universe (which of course is her source self) and then she applies it to see how it works AND THEN..she writes it.. Now thats a process! We are greatfull Dear One and we know you enjoy the humour 😉

Planet Earth is entirely susceptible to your thought/feeling creation. In other words, your ‘reality’ is EXACTLY what you think it to be. One of your well know philosophers said ‘I think, therefore I AM’. He was very in-tune with his Source connection. What you think and consequently feel about that thought, becomes your living reality.If you think that there is good and bad in your world, then guess what, there is good and bad in your world. If you think that the land needs healing, then guess what happens? Everything shows up for you that confirms that the land needs healing. If you think you must work hard for everything you experience in life then you will see no other way and you will live your life like this. If you think life is effortless and beautiful, everything, everything, in your life, will show up to be effortless and beautiful. We hear you argue ‘but it’s so real!’ and we say of course it is, that is how it has been created, for your exploration. Your planet is a lightship which has the capacity to change its shape and position and appearance, it responds to your every thought. You must be present to it all to come out of the illusions which keep you playing small.

Humans have operated from conditional love to have their needs met, unconditional love is loving it all. ALL, no exceptions, knowing you need nothing but the present breath in this moment

To come into relationship with this as your reality requires presence. It requires your total presence. It requires you to come out of thinking ,thinking ,thinking ,so that you can instead allow the unfolding. You are always unfolding into greater and greater expressions of love, grace and creation. You are always creating, from the moment you open your eyes until the moment you close them, you have created and co created your days experience, with all whom you shared it with (your thoughts = people playing them out)

It is not a matter of attaining spiritual enlightenment and then everything is done, everything is perfect. What occurs is that you realise that all the things you were fighting with and distracting yourself for and possibly avoiding, were actually perfect all along. Judgement ceases to exist within you, towards yourself, others and thus towards all life. You are Source in physical expression. Therefore we would like to remind you of the beauty of unfolding.

The experience of the heart expansion never ends. It is an endless well of infinite love, with no beginning and no end, constantly present and seeking itself (love). The greatest empowerment right now for you all is to remember that your heart WILL continue to pour out more love into your body, your being, your environment. It is only YOU who restricts it. The key to its breathtaking breakthrough (which can look like breakdowns) is to be present with it ALL. Remind yourselves, soothe yourselves in these moments. Allow the tears to flow, you will come through it, you will reach the surface to take a new breath of life upon your return from the depths. These depths are deeply embedded in your DNA. The patterns, the behaviours, conditioning, programming. It’s not personal. Remind yourself not to take it personal. An illusion is temporarily heart wrenching as it is noticed, seen and moved through.

Be gentle with yourself and trust your inner voice. Whatever keeps on replaying in your intuition, guiding you to a place, a person, anything, follow it. TRUST and you will reap the benefits of your most loving yourself





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How Open is your Heart? ~ February 18, 2016

Up Lift Connect

Written by Robin Lee


Spiritual growth comes from being Brave enough to open your Heart

Keep breaking your heart until it opens. – Rumi

The word “open” has always conjured, for me, scenes of expansive space, broad horizons, reception and exploration.

What I often forget is that, in such beautiful ways, the world works in contrasts, and they are often stark. Everything is cyclical, just like the tides and the phases of the moon, we go in and out of expansion and contraction.

So too, does the heart.

Openness is often provoked by an explosion, a sudden blast of heat, a disarming presence, or a situation that leaves you without much to say. In these times, we fear darkness. We forget about contrast. We beg for the light. In practice, we know that all things are temporary; we know that there is a symbiotic relationship between our perceived pain and our desired outcomes. There are always lessons in store.

Alt text hereOpenness is often provoked by an explosion

Choosing Heart over Ego

The heart is a great teacher in this way. It leads us into depths we had no idea existed so far within us, it shows us the parts we pretend are not there, and waves them in our face.

The heart has its own intelligence, its own methods for exploration and teaching. It is at once its own entity, and an integrated leader with the other systems of the body and energy. Those who are tapped most fully into their ability to love (their heart energy), radiate this outward. It magnetizes. Other people can feel it, and even if not consciously, they are changed because of it.

We are impacting each other all of the time, in waves and great starts, in words and wordless interactions, in embraces and calculated mistreatments.

The choice remains to lead with the heart over the ego, when the aim is to have the most interesting life. The richest experience. The most irrefutable aliveness. The most comprehensive humanity.

Alt text hereThe heart has its own intelligence

Laying Down your Arms

There is an insistent bravery in living when you are broken open that is hard-pressed to be found elsewhere in many instances. Love is the fuel for so much of our experience, all of it, really, and we live and die to experience this ultimate alignment. We take passionate action and enraptured planning to an all time high in the quest for this vibration, this elevating form of pure source.

What is incorrigible information underneath it all is that we needn’t work so hard. We must simply surrender. Those of us on a spiritual or yogic path tend to resonate with this word on a variety of levels, but many of us who are drawn to exploring the outer limits of ourselves are born with a fierceness that can be quite unshakeable. We love challenge – of ourselves, of our beliefs, of our bodies, we love the opportunity to grow. What this can also mean is that we love to fight, we love to embody the warrior.

We think of the warrior as being emblematic of strength in compassionate warfare, but so often, being a warrior means laying down your arms.

In the greatest sense, to awaken the open heart, to invigorate your full potential, you must let the intensity and heat of leading with your heart burn off all of the other things that are getting in the way – like the desire to struggle.

Alt text hereBurn off whatever is getting in the way

Saying ‘Yes’ to Being Open

Spiritual growth is so often like taking up residence in a furnace, in a cosmic bonfire imploding in on itself, the path is the undaunted ownership of one foot in front of the other, in the most stacked of flames.

When we answer the call to live fully, we accept that this means in great joy and in great sadness. When we welcome intensity, we trust that it means nothing is going to be subtle anymore. We learn to find stillness in this, on our mats, in our meditations, with our breath – yet, still, the experience of heightened awareness and sensation is there.

It will always be there, as a reminder that we have bodies, yet we are not just bodies. We are interconnected and raw and vibrating and reaching out to each other without using our arms at all. We are walking force fields, little lightning bolts of everything imaginable, pared down and packaged into lovely vessels that can kiss and fuse.

If we choose the road less traveled, the one where we say “yes” to being wide open, we know that we are, in effect, choosing to be challenged. We are nodding our heads to being thrown and surprised as well as embraced and made warm. We are exclaiming with wide eyes and clapping our hands at the opportunity to face everything and rise.

Surrender is key. Persistence is necessary. Bravery is fuel. Courage is emblematic.

Alt text hereOpen up your heart and you’ll find the sky is yours

Agreeing to an Explosive Life

Awakening the open heart has very little to do with being undiscerning about where you throw your loving energy. It has much to do with being discerning about remaining open even when you feel like you have been grated clean and left in the rain. There is a lesson there, in that wetness.

Each experience we have is simultaneously being had or has been had by everyone around us. It is impossible to feel alone in this, in the openness of being, in letting heart lead the way, in allowing it to be the guiding light and the conjurer of our everyday comings and goings, reachings and failings.

When we choose to rouse our open heart, to awaken her, to let her beat at the front lines – we are agreeing to an explosive, extraordinary life. We are agreeing to push past what we are often told is acceptable in terms of range of feeling.

Alt text hereAgreeing to an explosive life

How open is your Heart?

We are consciously choosing to deviate from the mundane, the restricted, the oppressed, and the self-censored. To be truly open hearted is to beat with the pulse of the divine, in light and dark, in challenge and ease, in acceptance and turmoil, and always in surrender to whatever may come.

The truly adventurous life leaves no stone unturned, and the path of the explorer begins with the commitment to grow wider between the ribs every day.



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