JD “Khepri” Cogmon

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
Maya Angelou

03:31:28 UT – Venus (16 cn 22’31”) opposite Pluto (16 cp 22’31” Rx)
11:01:21 UT – Sun (11 cn 56’19”) trine Neptune (11 pi 56’19” Rx)
7/4 Red Lunar Earth
Harmonic synch with galactic heart, crystalline properties. Cosmic Consciousness
11:00:57 UT – NEW MOON – Sun (12 cn 53’32”) conjunct Moon (12 cn 53’32
12:19:25 UT – Mercury (11 cn 55’0″) trine Neptune (11 pi 55’0″ Rx)
20:16:46 UT – Venus (23 cn 22’44”) trine Mars (23 sc 22’44”)
03:23:47 UT – Sun (15 cn 27’3″) conjunct Mercury (15 cn 27’2″)
11:54:41 UT – Mercury (16 cn 13’7″) opposite Pluto (16 cp 13’7″ Rx)
14:24:31 UT – Venus (24 cn 18’27”) square Uranus (24 ar 18’27”)
22:26:52 UT – Sun (16 cn 12’28”) opposite Pluto (16 cp 12’28” Rx)
02:00:01 UT – Mercury (23 cn 53’17”) trine Mars (23 sc 53’17”)
07:28:37 UT – Mercury (24 cn 22’6″) square Uranus (24 ar 22’6″)
16:32:35 UT – Mercury (25 cn 9’38”) trine Chiron (25 pi 9’38” Rx)
00:46:35 UT – Mercury enters Leo (direct)
13:31:38 UT – Sun (24 cn 26’9″) square Uranus (24 ar 26’9″)
21:59:03 UT – Mercury (5 le 45’24”) conjunct Venus (5 le 45’24”)
03:44:46 UT – Sun (25 cn 0’4″) trine Mars (25 sc 0’4″)
05:41:30 UT – Sun (25 cn 4’42”) trine Chiron (25 pi 4’42” Rx)
11:42:23 UT – Mars (25 sc 4’26”) trine Chiron (25 pi 4’26” Rx)
06:27:30 UT – Mercury (10 le 16’38”) trine Saturn (10 sa 16’38” Rx)
22:56:31 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (27 cn 40’18”) opposite Moon (27 cp 40’18”)
08:35:12 UT – Moon enters Pisces (direct)
09:30:08 UT – Sun enters Leo (direct)
Year of Blue Spectral Storm
It will purify and cleanse you.
20:48:31 UT – Mercury (28 le 36’9″) square Mars (28 sc 36’9″)
21:06:33 UT – Uranus stations retrograde (24 ar 30’28”)
18:18:16 UT – Mercury enters Virgo (direct)
21:08:31 UT – Moon enters Cancer (direct)


We begin the month with Venus opposite of Pluto, a transit that intensifies emotional expression throughout the month and turns up the heat on all potential(s) with a heavy handed threat to resurrect old flames. So if you have any old “X-files” taking up space in your head or heart don’t be surprised if they spontaneously combust back into your life with a new attitude. Venus opposing Pluto can set the stage for passionate love affairs. What this also means is that there is enough sexy flying around in July to start a fire, even on an icy high ridge somewhere in Antarctica. So stay sharp introverts, because the “hotter than Hades” heat from the potential flirt factor in shared public places, will have the Mercury shattering thermometers everywhere. Keep in mind that Venus also makes a square with Uranus the first week of July, so expect the unexpected with a touch of Uranus’ “shock jock,” eccentricity.


With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Cancer and Pluto chiming against them you can bet that issues of money and wealth will be a big theme this month. Pluto is known for its stance on debt and other people’s money so keep your eye on the bottom line and limit impulse spending. Remember this is the month of the mother/father axis. The Cancer Sun and the full Capricorn moon that approaches will create a “thunderous” month of conflict between opposing forces. Opposing forces that want the best deals and bargains with respect to love, life and family. Besides the push pull of Venus and Pluto, the first week of July brings three friendly trine aspects between The Sun (Cancer) and Neptune (Pisces) at 11º 56′, Mercury (Cancer) and Neptune (Pisces) at 11º 55’ as well as Venus (Cancer) and Mars (Scorpio) at 23º 22’. Since these are emotional and watery forces you can expect a lot of insight and intuition ruling social situations. With Neptune in retrograde, expect to see magic in your free-form of self expression as long as you give yourself permission to figure out life’s challenges outside of judgement of yourself or others. Since Mercury conjoins with Venus in the middle of the month (July 16) after they both move into Leo, expect everyone to become very verbal and expressive about passions. This energy will add to creativity and the arts as our likes and dislikes flow out of us as if we were all cosmic channels to the akashic records. Just don’t forget to spend your emotional currency wisely by using good emotional hygiene. Some people may subconsciously unload or offload onto what seems like a harmless person and all of that person’s repressed emotions could explode. Well, while they are transforming into The Hulk hopefully you will have an out of body experience (OBE) so that you don’t have to hear “hulk goes smash” while they mop up the street with you. Remember, the tiniest scorpions are always the most deadly. Same rule applies to people’s assumed personality traits this month. Anyone that knows a Cancer knows not to let the smooth taste fool them.


We start the month with a new moon in Cancer on July 4th at 11:02 am UT, London, 7:02 am EDT, New York, 4:02 am PDT, San Francisco/Los Angeles, 9:00 pm AEST, Sydney/Melbourne. Since Cancer rules the moon, this is the strongest new moon of the year outside of a solar eclipse. In July, move away from VI, “The Lovers” into the month of VII, “The Chariot.” This is the point in our annual journey when everyone feels more autonomous and empowered to move forward with a greater sense of confidence inspired by healing and happy times with family, friends and love ones. Make no mistake. This time of transition into self-empowerment sometimes means that you intentionally may spend time alone to recharge your batteries. So while many of us will enjoy the nurturing, hopeful, sweetness of the new moon in Cancer at the beginning of the month, be prepared for some fierce shake-ups coming with the full “thundermoon” in Capricorn on July19th that will leave us needing escape from the micromanagement that defines this earthy and cardinal Capricorn moon. The forest god known as Pan is often associated with the capricious nature of Capricorn and the randy playfulness that can transform informal get -togethers into full-blown parties. Don’t forget to set your intentions for July as well as for the next calendar year or you may end up with chaos instead of triumph and completion when the full moon arrives.

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.

-Leo Buscaglia


In addition to the pandemonium of the upcoming “thundermoon” in Capricorn, be prepared for continued “panem et circenses.” When the political and social structure began to break down in ancient Rome, the emperors and the politicians supplied plenty of food and drink along with entertainment in the form of gladiator fights at the coliseum. This ancient tactic known as, “bread and circuses” is still used in the western world to keep the masses happy and docile. (Television, sports, movies, entertainment media, spending etc.)Panem et Circenses is the key to diverting the public’s attention from political greed, corruption, TPP, Taxes, Fracking — and, particularly, from the massive gap between the rich and the poor.
Bread and Circuses has reached a fever pitch on each continent of the world’s nation states as politicians try desperately to keep the general populations confused about the real issues. You know, the obvious stuff like we can split atoms and discover exotic particles while looking for the Higgs-Boson in the Large Hadron Collider, yet we can’t solve that medical cancer or world hunger thing because our leaders think AUSTERITY is the best solution for the world’s failures with social, financial and political inequity. Most leaders would like us not to worry about these problems and focus on consuming. But if we don’t create forward thinking alternatives to the world’s current structure, we will all be toast at our own “Last Supper.” But you know what they say in social psychology, “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!” The crazy part is that we are often spending money with corporations that act against our own best interests.


The point is not to scare you away with “doom and gloom” astrology, but rather to empower you with knowledge. I must emphasize that this seventh month relates to the chariot in The Tarot orNumerology. The energy of autonomy along with the higher capacity to steer the horses of light and shadow that pulls the chariot makes us superconducting manifestors.  Superconducting manifestors that take action instead of mere victims of circumstance that are waiting for others to create change for them. Many of you are aware that this is a Nine year in Numerology. Nine is associated with “The Hermit,” and the zodiac sign Virgo in the same way that seven is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. So for all of 2016, we will lean towards introspection, hunting for knowledge, studying, learning and sometimes withdrawing from our mundane routines for the sake of leaning towards solitary projects. However, for Julius Caesar’s July, we will see themes around energy, drive, ambition, travel and opportunity with a dash of triumph and victory in the face of very bad odds. On a global level, Why not look closely at nations such as Iceland that are leading by example when it comes to keeping proper “checks and balances,” on power between the nation and its citizens? It also pays to play close attention to the Meso-American wisdom that begins to blow through the world after the “day out of time” On July 25, 2016. On July 26, 2016, the year of the “Blue Spectral Storm” begins about a month shy of Jupiter’s movement from Virgo into the sign of Libra on September 9, 2016 at 11:18 am UT. After Jupiter’s ingress into Libra you can expect lots of asses to get paddled with no “safe word in sight.


Full moon in Capricorn on July 19th London, at 10:56 pm UT, 6:56 pm EDT, New York, 3:56 pm PDT, San Francisco/Los Angeles, July 20th 8:56 am AEST, Sydney/Melbourne at 27º 40’ Capricorn. The Buck Moon or Thundermoon gets its name because of the amount of thunder typically experienced in the month of July or the fact that bucks grow new antlers. This will be a very ambitious full moon in Capricorn because it takes place within a week of the Mayan moon calendar new year. The year of the Blue Spectral Storm is a cardinal force just like the Full Moon in Capricorn. This will be a time of initiation by fire (action). It is an initiation by fire that destroys any false projections of the self that cannot weather the flame of growth or transmutation. You will have to give up the false illusion of what you seem to be in order to become fully what/who you are. You will sense emotional and physical ‘imbalances’ and restructuring. Your issues will be catalyzed and brought out for you to address. No longer can you escape the effects of your belief systems. Fears and negative images can all be felt very quickly.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Mahatma Gandhi



Mercury and the sun will both oppose Pluto before the Full moon. Mercury will square Mars at the end of July right before Uranus stations retrograde and the X-factor that creates X-files of strangeness in our lives becomes more prominent as the Blue Spectral Storm and the “Thundermoon” in Capricorn shake up the cosmic frequencies for “hue-manity.” Since Leo begins late in the month, remember that July is the heart of Cancer the Crab and watery emotions that often stifle us. So while there are all of these beautiful, heart-warming, sentimental things occurring under the Cancer sun, the level of water aspects for the month will have everyone feeling especially sensitive.

While sensitivity is great at helping us to identify the things that need more love and nurturing, sensitivity can also trigger reaction creating a hot-bed of retaliation. Such is the reason I always refer to Cancer season as “Sniper Season.” Because people are more likely to intuitively sense motivations, agendas, and uncertainty underneath the surface, a misinterpretation or worse yet, our phantom projection onto others can cause people to jump to the wrong conclusions. Yes, apparently not all intuitions are created equally, or at least people don’t all exercise their intuition with the same vigor. The good news is that Cancer season is also the best season for food and drink, so the best way to kill an enemy is to do it with kindness and take said person(s) somewhere to eat, drink and be merry. When the Leo ingress happens, all that we may ruminate upon will slowly become ablaze with activity as we embrace the influence of the action oriented “cosmic kitty,” Leo. Leo supports us to creatively accept our role as magicians and create opportunity from strength of will (VIII equals Strength). This is the part of the month where the emotional waters get boiling hot beneath the surface and burst through our perceived ceiling like a hot spring and transmutes into strength from within. Like a proverbial chariot of fire, our sense of sovereignty, patience, self-control and courage will charge with “the hours” as if you could feel the spirit of Apollo and Artemis.
“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”


Because Cancer and Capricorn energies dominate the month with different approaches towards conflict resolution, it is important that you either integrate the two styles or pick a lane and commit to it with self-discipline. Measure and discipline lead to the symbolic cornucopia, chalice, ambrosia, and personal holy grail that  many seek so that they can validate progress. Using the passion and emotion of the Cancer sun and to all of the aspects it makes to Pisces and Scorpio, while combining that with the pragmatism of the Capricorn Moon and its conjunctions with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo you can turn most things around with a touch of fixed LEO focus. The key is to not burn up that energy or momentum on fear but to wisely invest it in a positively anticipated outcome and do your best. Fearless focus will ensure that when you have to solve for “X” in your dealings with the “X-files” that you will attain mastery of previous relationships and all things that seem strange, unusual and perhaps inexplicable. After all Cancer season emphasizes the art of challenging people without being threatening. It’s a fine line to walk, I know. However, this approach does give “hue-manity” more opportunity to work from the heart using the language of conflict mediation and nonviolent speech.  When we challenge people and situations without being threatening, we respect the diversity in how we handle conflict, creating the opportunity for cooperation  instead of the scissor sharp “snippy-ness” that could easily dominate the atmosphere and create MORE conflict during sniper season.

Even with all of the flimsiness or loose footing of the Mutable Square, July brings each person on earth the opportunity to be an emissary of the great change. The only way to be the transformer of the collective myth is to remember that all of the challenges on your inner and outward journeys happened to help you understand your fears and the shadows they create. As you integrate your fears and shadows, you will begin to transcend the constraints of fate, karma, unmet needs, and circumstances and recognize that this spiral of choices is evolving you as an individual and maturing us all as a collective. Stay positive and aware of that inner sniper while focusing on how you will succeed!

How will you keep your inner sniper focused on the positive this month?

Here are a few tips:

1. Share negative emotions only in person or on the phone. E-mails, answering machine messages, and notes are too impersonal for the delicate nature of negative words. What feels like a bomb on paper may feel like a feather when delivered in person.

2. Understand conflict is neither bad, wrong nor a sign of failure. We are human: We all regress and act like babies sometime. Cut yourself some slack, don’t be afraid of your mistakes, make amends and forgive yourself and others. Chalk it up to growth and learning and forge ahead.

3. Be willing to let go and “reboot.” My colleague Ross Rosenberg recommends a mental rebooting when at the point of stalemate in conflict resolution. This involves letting go of any mental energy that is keeping you fixated on the conflict. In a moment of quiet reflection, imagine you are dropping your sword and hitting the “refresh” button on your psychological browser, and revisit your relationship with renewed perspective and energy.

4. Understand nobody is perfect and learning effective conflict resolution is a life-long process. Working on conflict resolution is an indication of maturity, integrity and character. We are all works in progress. Commit to these conflict resolution strategies in order to improve your relationships and become your best self.

Agent 64 – JD “Khepri” Cogmon – Khepri has been studying astrology for 30 years. While this agent specializes in tropical astrology, he blends his understanding of philosophy with the archetypes found in cultural mythology all over the world. This is an eclectic approach to astrology that incorporates the phases of Venus, the galactic signatures of the Hunab Ku and the resonance frequencies of kin numbers and tones. The overall approach is about encouraging others to be present with all of the pieces of their lives.  This approach advocates following the path that leads the individual away from social programming into an intimate relationship with the mind and heart. The main mission is to get people to incorporate the needs and wants of personal development into a wide collaboration of cooperative learning and peer support.  The aim is a transpersonal approach that intends to raises the quality of life for humanity and encourage people to step closer to the limitless possibility of unity consciousness living.

Agent 64Khepri’s astrology has been described as:  Intuitive, straightforward, diverse, insightful, easy to understand, empowering, down to earth, accurate, wise and enlightening. You can see for yourself 2014 and beyond. Everything ranging from aromatherapy, astrophysics, metaphysics, the tarot and beyond, are fair game in Khepri’s view of shared reality.
Location : San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, Northen California
Website –
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@astrolosophy on twitter.

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Jorn Jakob Albert Boor. (36) Ik heb mijn leven lang menselijke interactie, tegenstellingen en tegenstrijdigheden geobserveerd en hieruit een conclusie getrokken. Theorie, ervaring en ondersteuning vanuit de vele verscheidene vriendschappen en gebeurtenissen hebben het mogelijk gemaakt tot de kern van het menselijk bestaan en evolutie van het bewustzijn op individueel en collectieve zingeving en progressie. De verschillende specialisaties, hierarchische levels van behoeften (egoisme) en non verbale en verbale intentie's en communicatie eigenschappen (egocentrisch) zijn een fundamentele doelstelling en persoonlijke ontwikkeling die ik graag wil delen en ten dienste wil stellen zodat het de creatie en evolutie van ons natuurlijke zijnsvorm transcends in het geestelijke/spirituele zijnsvorm in ons aller belang en zoals het gedetaileerd in allerlei verscheidene historische takken van sport is benoemd en vastgelegd op feiten en profetisch onderbouwde geschriften. wijsheden en legacies. Defragmentatie van deze inzet, inzichten, kennis en opofferingen ten behoeve van ons aller belang en bestaansrecht. Via het informeren en verzamelen van kennis verwacht ik de chaos en verbroken connectie's weer samen te brengen en hiermee de macht over vrede, begrip, diversiteit en samenwerkings verbanden naar een resonerende en gebalanceerde bestaansrechtelijke fundering terug te brengen en mijzelf en mijn service van toegevoegde waarde te laten zijn. Vanuit mijn eigen ervarings deskundigheid en relatieve overzichten op globaal niveau. Creativiteit. Spontaniteit en Probleemoplossende eigenschappen en de bij behorende communicatieve vaardigheden zouden het varkentje moeten wassen. UNESCO onderschrijft een groot deel van de conclusie en bestaansrecht van deze theorie/evolutie model en symboliek voortgebracht via de grootheden en culturen en eerder bestaansvormen uit het verleden. Dit is de finishing touch en de start van een nieuw begin met rust. vrede en creatieve ontwikkelingen en rechtvaardige basis berustende op eenwording en ware identiteit van de mensheid. De overwinning welke onze wederzijdse verantwoordelijkheid in alle facetten van het bestaan vrijheid en zijn bevierd zal worden! # Het zal geschieden. # Mijn thuis is waar liefde zegeviert # Huis van Jakob / Rechtvaardigheid # Jakob 's Ladder / Vigilant. .. @Jakob_EGO "Oil To The Fire Submitted In Respect For The Sacred Dance On Infinity. "

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