“Where morals are sufficient, laws are unnecessary. Where morals are insufficient, laws are unenforceable”


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Anarchy As a Solution– Unanswered Letters 24 —

For Michael

Posted: 07 Jun 2016 09:28 PM PDT

by Anna Von Reitz

The following questions were received from Michael, a man living in La Jolla, California, who has obviously been influenced by his own local brand of matrix.

Question 1:1. Given that the highest choice that one can make in a free will time matrix is to go with the flow (spelled LOVE), or to play god and have an energy war (spelled CONTROL), how can any form of government withstand the assault of extreme deception and secrecy by ones that chose to run a reverse matrix, that includes an intense disinformation control program?

Mind you that this is an inter-dimensional war that is largely occurring beyond the perception of phase-locked (highly digressed and damaged) humans.

The elite masters of war and banking are controlled in turn by their fallen angelic kin.

They are sleeper groups just like contemporary humans, with the exception of the two top families. All technologies in present time were orchestrated off planet and “inspired” into the minds of the men and women that brought them forward.

Answer 1:  In my opinion, “going with the flow” is not at all equivalent to love, spelled in all caps or otherwise.

Going with the flow and not being responsible for ourselves and for what passes for our government is what has allowed these corporations including banks to become so corrupt and to get so far off track and to be so coercive in the first place.

If even half the people in California got off their rumps and stopped daydreaming,


stopped “going with the flow” and started asking questions and demanding real answers none of this corruption would be possible.

Imagine what would happen if 390 million Americans woke up one morning and asked just two simple practical questions—–

(1) why is the name on my checking account spelled in all capital letters? and

(2) why is the signature line on each check actually a line of nearly invisible microprint?  What we would discover would shock us.  We would find that we are being mischaracterized as corporations operating as franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. or some other such named privately owned and operated governmental services corporation.

We would realize that every penny we deposit in these accounts is interpreted by the bank as a “government” account.

We’d also realize that all these years we’ve been “donating” our paychecks as “income” to these corporate franchises merely NAMED after us, and that in fact, not a penny in those bank accounts is credited to us.  We are instead merely presumed to be employees of these franchises–people enabled to deposit and transfer money in the franchise’s behalf.

Still think that “going with the flow” is sufficient to deal with the situation?  You’ve been robbed of your identity. Everything you think you own has been stolen and transferred to new “presumed” owners, who have used all your assets including your labor as collateral backing their debts.

They think they have the right to seize every penny you’ve got, and at least on paper, they do.

That’s what “going with the flow” gets you.

Let’s all break out the lemonade, sing “Kum Bah Yah” and do a Happy Dance.

And then let’s admit that no “elite masters of war and banking” exist.

They are just average criminals working old garden variety confidence scams on a vast scale, and they are getting away with it because we haven’t paid attention to what they are doing in our NAMES—- literally.

Question 2.

In the spirit of the immortal words of Emil Dirkheim:

“Where morals are sufficient, laws are unnecessary. Where morals are insufficient, laws are unenforceable”.

Why do you favor the reestablishment of a failed form of government, as opposed to Anarchy?

Here is a link for your edification:

Answer to Question 2:

Thank you, I grew up reading Lysander Spooner and don’t need to be edified regarding what passes for anarchy in this country (but nowhere else).

If we had the morals of an ant, none of this would be happening, because we would be tending to our business and taking responsibility for our actions and requiring others

— the politicians and bankers–

to do the same.

As it is, we want rights without responsibility, and want someone else to provide us with a government because we are too lazy, ignorant, and find politics too distasteful to do it ourselves

—-and then we act surprised and complain when our public servants flip the tables and make a bid to become the public masters instead.

Well, time to wake up.

Our government hasn’t failed us.  We’ve failed ourselves AND our government.

We haven’t paid attention to it in 150 years. We have left it on idle and auto-pilot, and hired a bunch of foreigners who have sold us “governmental services” until we are being “serviced” from cradle to grave, told what to eat, when and how much to poop, and how to clean up afterward.

How about this for a revolutionary idea?

We all stop “voluntarily” paying them taxes we don’t owe for services we don’t need?  Sounds good to me, and practical, too.

Then instead of “anarchy” we can contract for the public services we each consider necessary, pay our own tab, and realize that the “democracy” promoted by the “United States” and its commercial corporations was never our government anyway, that it is dishonest to the core, and has no mandate. Even by its own rules, the corporation calling itself the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES is rudderless and defunct— under liquidation by its creditors, its assets in a holding trust, and what needs to be addressed tout de suite is not how do we divest ourselves from our responsibility to operate our own actual government, but how do we take up the neglected reins after 150 years?

Question 3.

In light of the fact that the interior government and advanced life forms within our time matrix have the technological solutions to the significant problems that face us, both environmental and otherwise, why is spending ones life energy attempting to resurrect a failed form of government, take precedence over disclosure?

See Dr. Steven M. Greer).

Same question re ending the pedophilia and child sacrifice that permeates world governmental systems, especially the British and American systems.

See ITCCS.ORG, and the Hampstead Coverup.


Answer to Question 3:

We already have the answers to many, many problems including free off-grid electricity, pollution of the environment, and disarmament.

Having the answers and making use of them are two separate things.

Last century JP Morgan and George Westinghouse and other “Captains of Banking and Industry” prevented the world from receiving the benefit of these gifts to Mankind and their grandsons and counterparts in the current day are attempting to forestall progress again and for the same reasons—- their own pride and profits, nothing more or less.

So let’s all understand what we are really up against.

We are up against our own laziness and group delusions— such as our unexamined belief in money—-and we are up against a well-entrenched global crime syndicate run by national and international banks and “governmental services corporations” and “political parties” that siphon off and benefit from manipulating us.

There are no Bogey Men — only self-interested con artists in nice suits — and so far as I know, there are no Catholic priests “ritually sacrificing” children, nor is pedophilia any practice of the Church.

Last time I checked my knowledge of the religions of the world, those practices are uniquely those of Satanists — not Jews, not Muslims, and not Catholics—- the very same “religion” that worships the Father of All Lies, and whose stated modus operandi is to “pretend to be your enemy, commit atrocities in his garb, and leave him to pay the price.”

How is it that Jews, Muslims, and Catholics have all been accused of these vile practices and yet the only group known to practice such rites has not?

Right after the Happy Dance, let’s put on our Dunce Caps and go sit in a corner. And let’s notice that Kevin Annette’s crusade is very odd, both in timing and direction.  A Protestant Anglican priest discovers evidence of neglect and abuse at Indian Reservation Schools and decries actions that took place in Canada between fifty and a hundred and fifty years ago:(1) Nothing much can be done about it now, because the schools are closed and the perpetrators are dead and so, about all that can be accomplished is confession that it happened and some kind of totally insufficient compensation to surviving family;

(2) This “discovery” which was really never any secret to Native Americans and to those of us who cared about and spent time with Native Americans and the pedophilia hysteria all just happened to surface at exactly the same time that the Holy See began to clean up the Vatican Bank— and this is coincidence? I think not;

(3) Annette promptly forgot about the sins of his own Church that formed the basis of his initial complaints, and single-mindedly focused on the similar sins of the Roman Catholic Church. Why?  Is child abuse practiced by Anglicans “better” than child abuse practiced by Catholics?

(4) The ITCCS has been greatly discredited both for failure to yield hard evidence backing its charges and for issuing “Orders” based on flawed practices and non-existent juries.

In case you missed it, Alfred Lloyd Weber, who was initially a supporter of Annette’s, exposed the fact that people listed as ITCCS jurors never even heard the case they supposedly ruled on.  The jurors came forward and denounced the whole business.

(5) I became suspicious because of all the foregoing and opened up my Facebook page for eight hours solid— challenging anyone anywhere who had hard evidence of any organized pedophilia or child sacrifice by anyone anywhere to come forward and contact me—-and I promised I would help prosecute such crimes to the fullest extent of the Public Law, so long as the information was signed under penalty of perjury by people claiming to have first hand knowledge of the facts.  Despite eight hours of harangue and hysteria and innuendo and every other unseemly and illogical display— there was absolutely nothing brought forward that amounted to hard evidence OR first hand knowledge.It was ALL just gossip.  Someone heard from someone who heard from someone else.Forgive me, but witch hunts and hearsay are not my style.

Among 1.2 billion Catholics, I am absolutely sure that there are predators and pedophiles and yes, even some closeted practicing Satanists—– but no, so far as I know, the Church does not practice nor condone any of the practices it has been accused of.

Neither do sane Muslims.

Neither do any Jews.

The only ones who do are Satanists. So I suggest that you direct your attention to the giant owl idol perched in the Bohemian Grove in Redwoods, California—- an image of Moloch, the Devourer.

This idol in the shape of an owl was actually a furnace in days of yore. The Babylonians, Carthaginians, Canaanites, Druids and other true believers used to heat it up red-hot and throw their infant sons and daughters into the fire.

Also check out the large idol called the “Statue of Liberty” standing in New York Harbor, a “gift” from French Freemasons.

She is the splitting image of Ashtoreth, the “Mother of All Harlots and Abominations”, spoken of in the Bible, always pictured as a beautiful woman with rays of light coming out of her head, and still visible in statutes and carvings throughout the Middle East.

Then check out the giant penis known as the Washington Monument overlooking the Capital Mall— another “gift” of French Freemasons.

Guess it isn’t so “secret” anymore what the Freemasons practice and believe in, is it?

Nor the super-wealthy bankers and politicians and celebrities cavorting around the Bohemian Grove? If half the people in California were half as aware and half as “spiritual” as they claim to be, and only one tenth as concerned about child abuse as they claim, how is it that you stand silent and don’t protest the Annual Rites at the Bohemian Grove taking place on the soil of California?   In less than three weeks they will be all gadded up for Summer Solstice, chasing pool boys through the thickets, and hunting children for blood-sport, and your “policemen” who are all on the take of the fake counties these beasts have set up in our midst won’t say a word about it. Instead of treating me to your sanctimonious drivel and complaining because my webmaster asks people to donate in support of his work, why don’t you trot on down to the next City Council Meeting in idyllic La Jolla and give them a shout? —————————————See this article and over 200 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.comTo support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.NLA and Karen Hudes —-Unanswered Letters 23 — For Concerned Parties

Posted: 07 Jun 2016 10:11 AM PDTby Anna Von ReitzIn answer to the question I receivedtonight: “Karen Hudes joined the NLA call tonight and is asking for concrete support in helping getting the frn exchanged for the gold backed currency. She says if the exchange does not happen soon, the frn will crash and there will be a 3rd world war.  Why does she say that?  do you know?” It’s because she and her buddies have deliberately confused their own worthless promissory notes with actual United States Dollars and people all around the world have been defrauded as a result.  They thought they were buying our lawful currency, but they were buying Federal Reserve funny money instead.  They were naturally angry and blaming the Americans, but I said—- whoa!  This isn’t our fault.  The same rats defrauded us, too.  And I instructed the Bank of International Settlements to settle the “United States National Debt” by transferring the equal National Credit owed to us to balance the books and get all the other countries off our weary backs.

Now the Bank Rats are desperately trying to get us all to accept their gold casino chips and start their same old fraud game again, only this time using pieces of metal and “gold certificates”  instead of other pretty pieces of paper.

We need to understand that there is really no difference. Both things are almost equally worthless and merely symbolic of the value of our labor and the natural resources of the Earth. They confiscated our privately held gold back in the 1930’s and traded their worthless promises for the gold in Fort Knox, then claimed bankruptcy protection for themselves and left us holding the bag as “presumed” sureties standing good for their debts. Now they have moved the gold hoard to China and the Chinese government is trying to get us to go along and buy back the gold that was stolen from us in the first place by these fraud artists at super inflated prices. Gold traded at about $30 per ounce in 1928.  It now trades for around $1300 per ounce.  The difference of $1270 per ounce is pure profit for these criminals, which is why they are so desperate to get everyone herded into their new casino.  But their scheme doesn’t work if we don’t take the bait.  They are stuck with tons and tons and tons of gold, a substance that is objectively not worth much.  It makes pretty jewelry and is an excellent conductor of electricity (second to silver) – but that is about all. So, everyone, tell me again why gold is so “precious”? The reason Hudes spouts off about World War III is that if they can’t get us to buy into their fraud—- at our great disadvantage— they propose to kill off their Priority Creditors so they don’t have to pay us back what they owe. This idea is attractive to the Bank Rats because

(1) they avoid paying us back;

(2) they collect on the life insurance policies they’ve bought on each one of us (using our money, of course);

(3) they get to charge our accounts for the “service” of killing us;

(4) they get to claim our homes and lands and businesses as “abandoned property”.

It’s Hitler’s Final Solution all over again.

The German Jews were the Priority Creditors of the Nazi Government.

I have a Better Solution.

We kill the banks and corrupt bank regulatory agencies instead.  Liquidate them as crime syndicates.

Seize all their assets in payment of their debt to human society.  Establish a public worldwide trading platform using block chain technology.

Guarantee everyone on the planet access to food, water, shelter, medical care, education— all the basics, plus an investment account that they can use for any positive purpose.

Contrary to fears that people would just sit on their butts and do nothing in such a system, actual tests proved that after an initial adjustment period wherein people paid off old bills, did needed maintenance on their homes, and took care of medical and dental needs they had otherwise been putting off—they went on working, or went back to school, or took early retirement and started doing things to help their families and communities thrive.

Even more embarrassing for the social planners—

Mom and Pop proved to be significantly better investors than Wall Street, beating the index 70 percent of the time, because they invested locally or otherwise in business sectors they knew from experience.

They didn’t play the market like “institutional investors” by throwing a handful of darts and hoping that enough of them would stick.

There is absolutely nothing standing in our way but the greed of banks, the stupidity of politicians, and fear. Oh, and let’s admit, openly, in public, that we have been bamboozled, defrauded, robbed silly by our own employees, and let’s finger the banks responsible for this.

The IMF set up the UNITED STATES, INC., a storefront “governmental services corporation” and fifty STATE franchises right under our noses and we stupidly mistook this for our own government.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sponsored by the FEDERAL RESERVE came in right behind them, and offered to do the same thing and tried to set up a rerun of what FDR and the United States of America (Incorporated) pulled on us in the 1930’s.

The criminals need to be recognized and what they have done needs to be recognized for what it is—-crime.

This is the only way that we can deal with the problem and make sure that it doesn’t morph into something even worse.

Karen Hudes wants immunity for all the bankers despite their heinous crimes.

She wants us to buy into the gold casino so that the same bankers can profit beyond their wildest dreams — at our expense.

She wants to drive us into their trap like sheep or cattle, by threatening World War III if we don’t.

Now do you all have a clear picture of exactly who and what Karen Hudes really is?

At the end of the day, the world only works because we work and because we create and consume products. That’s it.

The bankers have no real power of their own. They rely on lies and deceptions and false claims—- and its all just snake oil and Wonder Powder.  If we won’t trade for their gold, who is going to make us?

And given the circumstance—that those who have the gold stole it from us and the rest of the world and are now hiding out in China?—– why should we?

The Chinese are looking worse by the minute: not only stupid for allowing the parasites to set up shop in China, but dishonest for trying to profit from stolen goods. —————————————

See this article and over 200 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.com

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