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Venus on the South Node


Listen to these words…

Let me open my heart, draw you into this vortex This perennially endless, undulating tow An attraction that wants you so much more than all this now, to be searingly open, it wants nothing but all, whose design so intense on you, need so immense for you, inexorably fierce with a bond that holds strong that was calling for you from the outskirts of heaven and existed before all these galaxies formed.

If i told you a story, that it’s always been there and through all of the ages, so it shall remain that it chased you through timescapes and tunnels of lightbeams just to catch you right now, see you disintegrate if I said to you fate drew you in as my soul-flame just to tangle your senses up into a ballwould you follow me deeper inside of this maelstrom inextricably meshed, me and you, beyond call?

Become deafened to warnings of danger or peril fall so blindingly lost for each other like gods that have drunk sweet ambrosia, enchanted by sorrowintertwined by a sadness for our forgotten lore to spite all evolution let’s just both take our chancesplunge much blissfully deeper into this abyss and for you know, and i know, that this may be madnessthere’s no sensible way to resist such a love…

It is imperative now that we take the time to listen to our senses. If we have been vigilantly paying heed to the little voice within (the only one you can trust to love you, always and for true) we might have heard the warnings. (read more, special message for Cosmic Tribe Members)…..

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