Rich,Christian leaders ..Shall we test their true faith? ;-) ;-)

If your pastor drives this leave the church

15 Christian Leaders That Make More Money Getting Out Of Bed Than You’ll Make All Year

This list will have some well known scoundrels and some not-so well known scoundrels. Before I get into the nitty gritty of things I want to post a link to the 2007 senate investigation into several of these pastors. The documents and full findings can be seen and downloaded HERE.

Some of the profiles below will be more filled out than others. This is because I could only fill in what I could find evidence for. If more information exists please leave it for me in the comments so I can make corrections.


John-Hagee perachingHonorable Mention: John Hagee

NET WORTH – $5,000,000 +

John Hagee really is the poor man of this group, with a net worth of only 5 Million dollars. He is practically the pauper of the televangelist world. In fact, he is so poor I almost didn’t include him. Why is John so poor among these giants of theology?

I believe that John is the poor televangelist because made the horriblemistake of going to school and learning that the prosperity gospel isn’t the